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December Deadlines

Monday, November 21st, 2011

Whether or not your organization operates on a January to December performance or financial cycle, yearend can feel like “Crunch Time”.  There’s often an innate urgency as yearend approaches.  The end of the annual cycle.  Completing projects, finishing committee work, delivering results, achieving financial goals that are on performance plans, often means that extra effort must be applied – and now.

These same employees who power your business have lots more than work on their plate. With the added social festivities, religious celebrations, financial costs for gift giving, and other obligations, there can be high expectations on their shoulders.

You can help employees maneuver through the (dare I say) madness.  As an employer, you want to ensure priorities are completed, that employee health is maintained, and seasonal stress is reduced. Try these points:

  1. Checkin with employees now to review their yearend performance expectations. Better to have clarity and transparency now so you can look for solutions. For pressure points, see what can be extended to January; and, clarify what must be achieved.  Discuss ideas, support, and plans to ensure prioritized work will be achieved.  Sort out the ‘can wait’ non urgent work.
  2. Review the vacation schedule so you have a clear picture of who’s away, and what work may need to be covered by others.  Sometimes it’s the hardest working employees who don’t want to take time off, so ensure they have scheduled earned vacation time off.  Employee health and rejuvenation is important for your business.


Minimize the year end crunch by being fully aware of what’s in play.  Setup your organization, and your employees, for a year-end success story.  Next year is looking brighter already.