Recruitment and Onboarding

Hadfield HR Consulting has provided extensive recruitment services for many organizations in Vancouver.

We provide specialized recruitment services so that you attract and hire the best. We’ll tailor a solid recruiting plan that reflects your organization’s uniqueness and includes the latest sourcing techniques and hiring processes that you can use in the future.

Attracting and hiring the right person into the right role is critical. Our services will help you succeed:

  • Innovative recruitment strategies tailored for each vacancy
  • Sourcing, interviewing and hiring all levels of positions
  • Designing referral programs, branding, and creative candidate sourcing strategies
  • Training managers and staff to use the most effective interview techniques

We will customize a process to give your new hires the red carpet treatment:

  • Orientation and integration processes that ensure a great start
  • Aligning the onboarding process with your new hire’s expectations
  • Coaching managers on managing the new hire to build and sustain commitment

Contact us to discuss your recruitment and onboarding needs.