Green your Workplace

Green From the Inside Out
More and more employees are looking to organizations that are taking responsibility to reduce their impact on the environment. Valued employers know that people are happiest and most productive when the workplace culture matches their personal values, and these days the environment is among their top concerns. A greener workplace can mean a lighter ecological footprint, a healthier and more productive place to work-all good news for your bottom line.

Complementary to both corporate social responsibility and wellness programs, an organization’s internal environmental practices are the obvious next pathway for choice employers. Implementing programs similar to the David Suzuki Nature Challenge at Work Program, we’ll make it easy for you and your employees to enhance your workplace.

There are many opportunities to become more energy efficient, reduce waste, create green purchasing practices, and save money. Become a leader in green practices at work.

To activate environmentalism principles, we can:

1. Help establish a green team that will evaluate, design and deliver solutions;
2. Support the implementation of initiatives;
3. Develop, monitor and measure outcomes.

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