Our connection steps:

  1. Call or email us to discuss your current or future needs on the phone.
  2. Meeting – we’ll setup a complimentary meeting to further explore your needs.
  3. Synergy is important – together we’ll decide to proceed with an action plan.
  4. Plan of action – Hadfield HR will develop a clear plan of action with timelines and objectives. Together we’ll finalize and sign-off.
  5. Deliver Results – We’ll work diligently and deliver results.

Contact us for a complimentary meeting to discuss your current/future needs.

We also welcome your ideas and suggestions for two-minute tips. What issue or topic is on your mind? Send us a note and we’ll write a tip.

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Hadfield HR Consulting

Gayle Hadfield
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Cell 604-908-7321