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Are your hiring practices working?

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Many managers view hiring as one of the easier decisions they have to make. Problem is, it’s also one of the hardest decisions to unmake! 

Here’s a common scenario for busy managers. A vacancy is posted on the web.  Some promising, skilled candidates apply–you interview, conduct a reference or two, make an offer and you’re done. 

The new employee starts, will integrate with the new team, orient to their new role, learn your processes, and all will be well.  You setup their objectives and expect a great fit. Fast forward a few weeks and it’s obvious that the employee isn’t the skilled, motivated and reliable individual you thought you’d hired. This situation negatively impacts you, your team, and the business.

There are many complexities involved to hire top candidates.  Here are tips to start you in the  right direction to recruit skilled employees that integrate with the team and your culture.

  1. Scrutinize every vacancy   The easiest time to change a role is when it’s vacant. Assess if the required skills and knowledge have or will soon change. Today’s job skillsets are continuously evolving to meet your business’s needs.
  2. Hire for the future; it’s almost here.

  3. What team are they joining? What are the skillset levels of employees in the team? Do you need a new hire that has advanced skills he/she can share with the team. Or, if the team is well developed, a newer graduate that can be groomed may be the best solution.
  4. Think ‘team’, not just individual.

  5. What’s on your recruitment plan?  Who’s on this hiring team? How will you screen, interview, assess, and reference to ensure you select the best fit candidate?  Consider who in the organization has views that would be beneficial. With a clear plan you have increased your ability to hire the right candidate.
  6. Plan for this valuable asset.

Costly and Impactful

 Recruiting talented employees is an important decision for managers. It’s a costly, impactful business decision. Only through talented employees can an organization meet and exceed business objectives.  Develop an organizational-wide recruiting strategy that covers processes from A to Z. You have a great organization; keep it that way.