Shaping Tomorrow’s Workplace

Shaping a new path for Tomorrow’s Workplace is essential to sustain and grow your business. With the many changes affecting businesses due to economic, social, globalization, and environmental challenges, plus the impending tight labour market and a diverse labour force, only a new journey forward will lead to continued success. 

The Surrey Board of Trade and SUCCESS have partnered to support small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Surrey prepare for the future through the Tomorrow’s Workplace project.  Business, human resources, and diversity specialists are currently leading this initiative by working with selected businesses with a primary purpose to ‘help good businesses be great’ in the midst of the new realities. The vast majority of economic growth in our province is attributed to SMEs and the issues they face, with limited resources, require a clear focus for the future.

SMEs are most often started by one or two individuals with passion, knowledge, and an entrepreneurial spirit. As the business grows, complexities grow as well. Organizations must now take a holistic business perspective and prioritize the areas of knowledge, support, and tools to integrate that will support current and future success. In the Tomorrow’s Workplace project, one core focus is connecting businesses with community and employment resources in Surrey for maximum benefit by both parties. Shaping a workplace culture of resiliency, adaptability and change practices are also essential components to flourish in the future. Yesterday’s workplace, with set ideas, long standing routines and processes is truly a thing of the past.


Shape your business for continued success. Visit and benefit from our learnings. We’re producing a video story documentary of our work with businesses and will also be producing a toolkit with tools, resources, and learnings. The Surrey Board of Trade will host a launch event on May 20, 2010. Stay connected and sent us your views, ideas, and questions.

Gayle Hadfield
Tomorrow’s Workplace Project Manager

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